Ceiling Penetrations

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Assessor Question: 
In the instance where there is no loss of ceiling insulation and the downlights are sealed and IC-F rated do they need to be modelled? If modelled then the NatHERS certificate commentary makes little sense.

TechLink Response:

  • It is always important to recognize the ongoing use of a NatHERS rating throughout the project to the completion.
  • Including the total number of recessed light fittings is one of those things that will come to play when the building certifier carries out the final on-site inspection.
  • If no recessed fittings are included on the NatHERS Certificate because they are IC4 sealed fittings but lots of lights have been installed, the building surveyor will need to ask for a new NatHERS Certificate.
  • Accordingly, it is critical that every sealed light fitting that is suitable to have continuous insulation installed over the top be entered in the zone tab as a sealed fitting with zero clearance.
  • Regardless of local authorities practice for ensuring compliance it is the responsibility of an Accredited TPA to complete assessments in accordance with the NatHERS Technical Note.
  • Clause 9.4 makes the requirement clear.
  • DNM Assessor Quality Assurance checks adhere to the NatHERS Technical Note provisions.
  • NatHERS Certificate information is not always as clear and concise as it might be.
  • Accordingly, it becomes the responsibility of TPAs to include any required clarification in the Additional Information panel to overcome any potential confusion that may occur by having a line item indicating 50 sealed downlights of zero diameter.

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